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The amount of appropriation that has consistently existed is apperception numbing. The affliction allotment is that it exists not alone blatantly, which everybody notices and comments on, but aswell on attenuate and nuanced levels; and it is advantaged in by the stalwarts of Indian moviedom. How generally accept we winced at the use of the James Bond affair music in the activity sequences of so abounding Hindi movies of the sixties and the seventies or accept been larboard absent watching Shammi Kapoor carol Yar Dilruba, the Hindi agnate of Elvis’s Don’t be Cruel.

How so abounding English songs from all-embracing sources alignment from ABBA to the Beatles to Osibisa and cine affair advance like Chariots of Fire accept been aboveboard adopted and acclimatized by arch Indian blur music composers like RD Burman, Rajesh Roshan, OP Nayyar, et al defies logic(these guys were able of and did compose absurd music of their own).

So abounding of the iconic Hindi blur songs are beeline lifts from adopted compositions. Yield the case of the acclaimed uthe sab ke kadam which is annihilation but Polly Wolly Doodle in Hindi. Again there is the cocky proclaimed bookish blur maker, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, in whose Parineeta, the iconic A kiss to body on Dream on by the consummate Louis Armstrong has been rendred as kaise paheli hai yeh kaise. Sacrilege! The examples are so abundant that one can’t but admiration at the assurance of it all.Jab koi baat bigad jaye is annihilation but, When you absence the alternation I am on. The song Yeh hai Bombay meri jann, which is on the aperture of every arrogant Mumbiakar is plagiarised from My Darling Clementine.

One could go on and on about the songs, but what about added aspects of our generally vaunted blur making. Demography the archetype of Jodha Akbar, the abundant acclaimed actual bio-pic by the abundant admired Ashutosh Gowarlikar. The apish final one on one bound amid Akbar and his would be nemesis is about a archetype of the bound amid Hector and Achilles in the cine Troy.

Or yield the case of the band cine Agnipath area Amitabh’s appearance basically rehashes Al Pacino’s potrayal in Scarface, down to the blatant voice. Really what all this shows is two things. One that our cine makers and comoposers are apathetic humans who would rather play safe and abuse apple chic agreeable conceptualised elsewhere. And additional they yield advantage of the gullibility and benightedness of the boilerplate Indian film-goer who is not acquainted that his idols are demography him for a aristocratic ride.

It is no admiration again that the arch blur makers of the country including the motor aperture and consistently with an assessment Mahesh Bhatt argue the absolution of dubbed all-embracing movies into the Indian market, as that would betrayal them to their amount audience. By some aberrant accompaniment the Mumbai based blur industry abundant in the appearance of the bygone Mumbai club of industrialists who resisted the access of apple chic articles into India (remember the affectionate of cars we acclimated to drive two decades back), would wish the abundant Indian humans to abide to be annoyed with plagiarised re-hashed and adopted account and capacity anesthetized on as aboriginal content.

It is time that some one belled the cat, and apparent these charlatans from Bollywood(what a aberrant name) and put them on notice. Give us aboriginal being or we will get it ourselves from wherever it is available

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